Spike-headed false-leaf katydid, Aegimia elongata,

photo: Flickr user Arthur Anker

Spike-headed false-leaf katydid, Aegimia elongata

photo: joala; tumblr

Spike-headed false-leaf katydid, Aegimia elongata

photo: Juan DiTrani via ProjectNoah.org

Habitat: Central America; Costa Rica, Panama
Status: Not Evaluated

WOW! What an incredible example of camouflage in the insect world!!

This bizarre creature is the Spike-headed False-leaf Katydid (Aegimia elongata) which is able to mimic a green leaf almost to perfection. At first glance you’d never even be able to tell that this isn’t actually a leaf. I mean, it’s got the most minute of details down! Check out the veins running through the “leaf” and the twig-like legs. Spotting this insect amongst the dense foliage would have to be nearly impossible.

I guess this is where the punny phrase “leaf me alone” came from!

There are more than 6,400 species of Katydids found worldwide. This is most definitely one of the coolest ones out there, though!