Cats are typically fuzzy, soft little creatures that enjoy a good snuggle (once in a while, on their terms)! The cats below are still very cute and friendly, though they lack one of the characteristics common to most cats: fur. There are several breeds of cat that differ in the level of hairlessness they sport. Some are completely bald while others resemble fuzzy little peaches. Here they are, in all their naked glory:

The Elf Cat


Cat breeders Kristen Leedom and Karen Nelson were the brilliant minds that came up with the Elf Cat – a hybrid consisting of the American Curl and the Sphynx. These adorable kitties have ears that curl back into “points” much like their elfin affiliates.

The Ukrainian Levkoy

Hailing from the Ukraine is the Levkoy Cat. These are a mix between cats with folded ears (probably a Scottish Fold) and a Sphynx. The result is a naked kitty with drooping ears. It is thought that their name was taken from the Levkoy plant which has leaves that resemble the Levkoy’s oddly folded ears.

The Bambino


If you’re looking for a naked kitty with short, stumpy legs… then look no further! This is the Bambino, a result of a cross between a Munchkin Cat and a Sphynx. I. Want. One!

The Peterbald


In 1994, Russia graced the world with the creation of the Peterbald – a hybrid between a Russian Hairless (Donskoy) and an Oriental Shorthair female. They have a narrow, long head, webbed feet and a long rat-like tail. Adorable, basically.

The Donskoy


The Donskoy has a number of aliases including the Russian Hairless, Don Hairless, and Don Sphynx. While this breed is typically confused with the Sphynx, it differs in its genetic makeup. The Donskoy’s hairlessness gene is dominant (which makes for easier breeding) whereas the Sphynx’s is recessive.

The Sphynx


You can call it the Sphynx, the most famous hairless cat breed in the world. Originating in Canada in 1966 when a single hairless kitten named Prune was born. The Sphynx seems like a relatively new breed. However, hairless cats can be traced back to the time of the Aztecs! While they appear completely bald, the Sphynx’s are actually covered in a light “peach fuzz.” How delicious!

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