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Habitat: Forest floors from Southeastern Alaska to Santa Cruz, CA
Status: No conservation concerns

The tastiest looking slug of all time award goes to the Banana Slug! These beauties are the second largest terrestrial slug in the world growing up to 9.8 inches long and can travel pretty quickly through the forest undergrowth at around 16.5 cm per minute.

Although characterized by its bright yellow hue, the Banana Slug is also found with dark brown/black spots which give it the appearance of an overripe Banana. This thing just was meant to impersonate a banana I suppose.

The funny and interesting look of the slug has made it a popular animal and the University of Santa Cruz in California has even made it their official mascot. Now that’s some slug love!

And if you personally just can’t get enough of the Banana Slug why not log on to Etsy where you can purchase Banana Slug hair clips for only $10! A great gift for the holidays and always in fashion. Wink wink.

banana slug hair clipsSlimely Sexy

Or, if hair clips just aren’t your thing you could always dress up like a giant banana slug and do a tribute dance….