What is Featured Creature?

Featured Creature is a community for the animal enchanted. We believe that each and every creature is special and has its own story to tell. My job is to tell that story (only because animals can’t talk, sadly).

The mission of Featured Creature is to give every animal the time they deserve in the spotlight before it runs out.

Each creature gives so much to humanity – from sustaining a viable ecosystem on Earth, helping other living things to flourish, and showing us innovations only nature can produce to cure disease, to sharing beauty, instinct and diversity that is more fragile than many of us realize.

We’re working hard to introduce Featured Creatures to as many people as possible.  If more of us knew about the incredible diversity of creatures on our planet, and the important roles they play – more would be done to protect them, utilize what they have to offer humanity, and protect them from extinction.

Carly & Featured Creature:

Say hi! I love meeting new readers 😀 

Say hi! I love meeting new readers 🙂

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