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Pancake Slugs: Not Your Average Breakfast Food

Habitat: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia Status: Not Listed Because I just finished eating a stack of chocolate chip pancakes (yes, at 7:oo PM. It’s SUNDAY, okay? Gotta ease into the week ahead… with something fluffy and kind), I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to post about the genus of tropical air-breathing slugs in the family Veronicella, which are known as pancake slugs. As you may have guessed, these strange mollusks get their name from their flat, breakfast-food-shape appearance. There are four described species of Veronicella, all of which are flatter than a...

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Robber Flies Give Other Bugs Nightmares, Here’s Why

We don’t normally think of flies as being particularly badass. Annoying and filthy maybe, but nobody’s ever run screaming out of a room at the sight of one flying in through the window. Well maybe if it was a tsetse fly. Or looked vaguely like Jeff Goldblum. Anyways, there actually is one kind of fly that’s just as voracious of a predator as any savage jungle cat or surfer-mangling shark. They’re called robber flies. Or, if you want to be more accurate about them, you can use their other name: assassin flies (Source #1). The most noticeable thing that...

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Baby gorillas first chest pound ?

Gorillas pound their chests to communicate to younger gorillas that they’re in charge. This one hasn’t exactly mastered the “force” of the act quite yet… but still, the translation here is: don’t mess with me. I’m small, but mighty. Boom,...

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5 Strange and Intriguing Fish to Add to Your Aquarium

If you are a fish hobbyist, then you must have at some point thought of ways to make your aquarium as unique as possible. Most aquariums hold the most basic types of fish like tetras, goldfish, and guppies as they are easy to care for, easily available, and less expensive, thus a preference for many. But if your lifestyle is unique, then be ready to meet some strange aquarium residents. The Arowana Your first glance at an Arowana might mistake it for a dinosaur because of its razor-sharp teeth and evidently powerful jaws. The Arowana originates from the Amazon...

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Cut-throat Finches: The Next Slasher Movie Stars?

The cute little birds known collectively as finches aren’t as innocent as they appear, counting several unsavory species among their number. For example, there’s the Galápagos vampire finch, which has already shown a carnivorous propensity for opportunistic bloodsucking. Then there are the African species Amadina fasciata, or cut-throat finches, which do have an equally dread-inspiring name but thankfully not the behavior to back it up. They prefer to represent their street cred through hardcore plumage instead.   Only the male cut-throat finches have the bloody swath underneath their stubby beaks. No, it’s not a memento from their time in finch prison, but...

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Wanna Win Some Wild Babies?

We know you do. So here’s the score, troops. Just sign up for the Featured Creature newsletter. Either enter your email here: Get Creatures Directly to Your Inbox! * indicates required Email Address * … or at the bottom of the page (if you want to be fancy about it). We’ll pick four names at random to win a free copy of the new title, Wild Babies! Wild BabiesWild BabiesWild BabiesWild Babies Prev 1of4 Next Bestselling author and photographer Traer Scott captures the magic and wonder of a young animal’s first weeks of life in this heartwarming collection of...

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