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Dog 911, What Is The Nature Of Your Emergency?

Sometimes animals act as if they are as logical thinking (or illogical) as we hoomins are..and other times they march to their own drummer, and you wonder what exactly is going on up in that tiny micro-processor of theirs. Take your average 911 call, for example. Unless you’re 6 years old and call because your sister ate the last of the Captain Crunch, you know not to use that number unless it’s a real emergency. Or…unless you happen to be…a dog. Then you might want to call dog 911 for the following situations: H/T Bored Panda Tell me when you...

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Wanna Win Some Wild Babies?

We know you do. So here’s the score, troops. Just sign up for the Featured Creature newsletter. Either enter your email here: Get Creatures Directly to Your Inbox! * indicates required Email Address * … or at the bottom of the page (if you want to be fancy about it). We’ll pick four names at random to win a free copy of the new title, Wild Babies! Wild BabiesWild BabiesWild BabiesWild Babies Prev 1of4 Next Bestselling author and photographer Traer Scott captures the magic and wonder of a young animal’s first weeks of life in this heartwarming collection of...

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Six Weird Fish With Even Stranger Teeth

Let’s face it. When we go to the dentist, we’re usually somewhat scared. With these guys, though- it might be the other way around. Few dentists would want to go poking around these teeth, no? Bottom line- not all fish smile like Dory and Nemo. (Dory set a box office record– she has plenty of reason to smile.) But I digress. Not all smiles were created equal. Let’s take a peek at some Fishy Friends with distinctive chompers, shall we? Atlantic Wolffish photo: Eirik Mikkelsenphoto: Hiroshi HirasakaPhoto: St. Abbs Communityphoto: Gaellery/Flickrphoto: Prev 1of6 Next   This is the guy...

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Meet the Demonic Starfish of the Deep, Gomophia egyptiaca

Habitat: Throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific Status: Not Listed Starfish. When you hear the word you probably harken back to your childhood, running along the beach plucking these darling little creatures from their stone homes. Well, I’m about to shatter that idyllic image of the starfish. Enter the Egyptian Starfish, Gomophia egyptiaca or, as I like to call it, the Demonic Starfish. Of course there’s nothing “more demonic” about this guy than your ordinary starfish. It still eats by spitting its entire stomach out of its mouth onto its prey, beginning to dissolve the squirming creature on impact. And, like other starfish,...

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Judgmental Moth is Always Watching, Judging.

Habitat: South Pacific basin, from Australia to the Society Islands. Status: No Conservation Concerns With a wingspan of only 30mm in length, you’d think it would be hard to impose your judgement on someone. However, the moth Grammodes oculicola is able to achieve a new level of judginess with its too-real-for-comfort eyespots. Of course, the whole point of having eyespots is to frighten the predator away, so this moth has certainly done its job. One look at those wings and I’d hightail it out of there for sure! I wonder if they follow you as you move… you know, like...

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Rainbow Stag Beetle Steals the Show With Incredible Colors

Habitat: Australia Status: No Conservation Concerns This is one of the most gorgeous beetles I’ve ever seen. It’s the Rainbow Stag Beetle (Phalacrognathus muelleri) and its metallic exoskeleton looks like its been handcarved from gold, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful that a lot of people keep these guys as pets, just so that they can constantly admire this wonderful creature. The males even grow pretty large at just under 3 inches in length and can live up to four years. Like other stag beetles, the Rainbow Stag Beetle uses its formidable jaws to fend off other...

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