A Finger Friend

baby sugar gliderTricia sent in this picture which if you stare too long at you might actually explode from the amount of cuteness that it makes pulse through your veins. Her brother Nick took the photo, and if any guys out there want to know the way to a girl’s heart – it’s with a baby Sugar Glider. Nothing else can compete with that (diamonds are for losers).

The Healthy Nudibranch

lettuce nudibranchAll you vegetarians out there will probably enjoy this photo submission from Mark. This is a lettuce nudibranch (Elysia crispata) which was found in Saba in the Lesser Antilles. I like him a lot but he’s making me crave pizza. With extra pepperonis.

Poor Little Frog

frog getting eaten by garter snake
Natalie Russo caught the circle of life in action when she came upon this tree frog moments before a Garter Snake attacked. Her mom wanted to interfere and save the little froggy, but Natalie thought it best to let nature take its course because, as she said, “the snake has to eat something too!”

Just hope she wouldn’t use that motto if it were me vs. shark 😉

“Mom Come On Let’s Go Maul Something!”

lion cub and mom

Stephanie visited the Smithsonian National Zoo and had the chance to take some pictures of the seven lion cubs they have there. Here’s one that really looks like it’s trying to get its mom’s attention. Kids and their nagging. ::sigh:: Here’s a link to the zoo’s exhibit if you’re interested: Great Cats.

A Second Chance

harris hawk

Loren Swenson visited the Randall Museum in San Francisco, CA and got to meet this beautiful Harris Hawk which had been injured and now lives at the museum full time. Glad to see the bird is doing well, thanks Loren!

Serpents & Smiles

garter snake tongueAdrienne Fortune of Burlington, VT is an 8th grade English teacher that loves poetry, reading, writing, and… snakes. She takes any opportunity to bring her students along the wooden trail near their school in search of these slithering creatures. This one’s a little Garter Snake that decided to stick its bright red tongue out at the camera!

I prefer snakes over english too, Adrienne.

Foxy Lady

red fox wildlife centerThis is Dahlia, one of the gorgeous Red Foxes at the Wildlife Learning Center where Tammy List volunteers. Tammy had quite the time trying to get a shot of Dahlia that showcased her wonderful coloring because apparently sitting still isn’t something foxes love doing.

A Bouquet of Froggies

arum lily frogs in flower

Get ready for some more cuteness. This is a picture taken by Katja of Arum Lily Frogs seated politely inside of an Arum Lily. Unfortunately, people don’t have the same manners as these little frogs (which only reach about 3-4 inches in length) because the Arum Lily’s are picked and sold frequently without much thought to the tiny frogs that are usually hidden inside.

Though, that would be the best bouquet of flowers I ever got if I found itty-bitty froggies in the flowers! 🙂

Ready… set… VOTE!
good luck everyone!