king's crown conch

Congratulations to Alexis on winning this week’s photo competition!

Here’s a little bit more of a background on her & the infamous snail (identified as a King’s Crown Conch thanks to Jeanne Wallace).

Alexis was in Florida walking through big puddles along the beach which were full of all kinds of shells. Suddenly, she saw one that was particularly large and beautiful. She picked it up only to realize that inside the shell lived a cartoonish looking creature. Alexis had to capture a shot of this snail who looked at her with his big googly eyes and waved with his claw!

Alexis studies at Bates College and is majoring in visual arts. Photography has been a big passion in her life and she hopes to make a career out of it someday. Check out her flickr page which shows a lot of her work!

Thanks to everyone who participated, your photos were fantastic and I know I (and I’m sure everyone else) really enjoyed taking a look at them.