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Photo Competition #6!

Purple People Eater? Nic took this crazy cool photo of a Purple Land Crab near waterfalls inland on the isle of Taveuni in Fiji. I’ve never seen a crab this colorful, but I’m sure glad I have now!Horseshoe Crab...

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Photo Competition Redemption?

So this is my I’m-sorry-I-forgot-about-the-photo-competition-this-week….. but-will-you-forgive me? Face.Not sure if that facial expression really encompasses all of that… but hey let’s see you to try it....

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Congratulations, Pickle!

You did it Petty Officer Pickle Parker, but with a name like that how could you not have won?!Thank you Mars for sending in the great shot of Pickle. Oh and if you’re in the mood for some crafts, you should definitely...

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Photo Competition #5!

Baby SquirreliezNiobi is an angel to squirrels, especially itty-bitty baby ones that needed help during Hurricane Francis in 2004. She hand fed these little guys for a week before an animal rehabber had room to take care of...

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Photo Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Tammy!!Her work at the Wildlife Learning Center has been very fruitful this week since she was able to score this winning shot of Boomer the Siberian Lynx! He better give her a big ol’ head butt after...

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Photo Competition #4!

Cat NapTammy who volunteers at the Wildlife Learning Center brings us Boomer the Siberian Lynx who, like most cats, enjoys a good cat nap! She says that cats have a special way of saying hello: “One way cats, both large...

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Photo Competition #3!

A Finger FriendTricia sent in this picture which if you stare too long at you might actually explode from the amount of cuteness that it makes pulse through your veins. Her brother Nick took the photo, and if any guys out there...

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Photo Competition #2!

Googly-eyed SnailAlexis was in Sanibel, Fl looking for some pretty shells when she found this one. She picked it up only to find there was something else that had thought that shell was pretty! She said that the little animal...

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