nicobar pigeonimage credit: Silvain de Munck, via Flickr

nicobar pigeonimage credit: Wakx, via Flickr

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nicobar pigeonimage credit: Stavenn, via Flickr

nicobar pigeonimage credit: boof13, via Flickr

Habitat: from the Nicobar islands, east through the Malay Archipelago
Status: Near Threatened

The Nicobar Pigeon is the only living member of the genus Caloenas. It’s interesting because it’s a nomadic bird, with flocks of around 85 individuals migrating from island to island in search of food throughout the day.

These pigeons usually lay one egg (but sometimes two) and the male and female take turns incubating the egg(s) which take 30 days – 2 and a half weeks per parent. Since the Nicobar Pigeon mates for life they can guarantee their partner will stick around and help out!

Oh and Nicobar Pigeons aren’t born with their good looks. Those beautiful, iridescent feathers on their bodies are EARNED – well, not really. But when they hatch, the pigeons are virtually naked with shiny black skin. Talk about an “ugly duckling.”