chiming widgebill, Psophodes occidentalis (1)

photo: ~Lightkast

Habitat: Australia; from the coast of central Western Australia inland to the southern part of the Northern Territory, west and central South Australia, and the south-western corner of Queensland
Status: Least Concern

Check out this cool cat – er, bird. It’s a Chiming Wedgebill (Psophodes occidentalis), a sandy-grey bird with a boy band worthy hairdo! They’re not very big birds, only reaching a length of around 19-22 cm. However, that doesn’t stop them from having quite the voice.

Since it does blend so well into its dry shrubby habitat, the Chiming Wedgebill is more often heard than seen. It has a very distinctive, melodious call that sounds like it’s practicing the scale over and over again. It uses this call to keep in contact with other wedgebills throughout the day whilst foraging and to deter intruders when claiming or defending nesting territory. Take a listen, below:

So he’s got the looks and the voice! Harry Styles, watch out. You’ve got competition!

Chiming Wedgebills definitely can’t say no.