black wallarooimage credit:

black wallarooimage credit:
black wallarooimage credit: Stephen Zozaya
image credit: skyoctane
found only in Kakadu National Park, Australia
Status: Near Threatened

black wallaroo
The Black Wallaroo is the smallest member of the kangaroos at only 60 to 70 cm (excluding tail). You can only find it in a very restricted area of land in the western and central Arnhem Land of Australia. This area is extremely rocky and steep, making it a difficult place to study these elusive creatures.

The Black Wallaroo is very adept at both rapidly ascending and descending the rocky cliffs, able to leap upwards of 3 meters or more. Most observations of this creature have only been fleeting glimpses of it. When it is seen, the animal is usually alone or in pairs or trios. Though once a helicopter spotted 12 of these mysterious beasts sitting together.

A very secretive and interesting animal indeed.