pomapoo, pomeranian poodle mix (5)

photo: Flickr user Courtney Lynch

I’ve met a lot of goldendoodles, cockapoos, and bichapoos in my day – all mixed breeds that are half poodle and half some other cute dog. However, I’ve never come across a Pomapoo before! Pomapoos are a mix between pomeranians and poodles that produce living teddy bears. See for yourself!

Breeders tout that when you add a poodle parent to any dog you have the possibility of getting a puppy with a hypoallergenic coat. That’s not exactly the case. The real reason for all the ‘oos’ and ‘poos’ these days is that they just, well, look cute. There aren’t any extra bonuses when it comes to adding poodle into your pooch’s bloodline, except for the normal advantages that come along with mixing breeds in general.

Pomapoos usually weigh anywhere from between 5 to 15 pounds and live anywhere from 12 to 14 years. To read more about the pomapoo’s specific traits and temperament you can visit this site.

pomapoo, pomeranian poodle mix (3)

This is Waffles the Pomapoo. *heart melts*
photo: Flickr user Courtney Lynch