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a female bowerbird inspecting the male’s bower

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An impressive Bower built by a male Bowerbird

Habitat: Rainforests of Australia

Male bowerbirds understand that women need to be wooed. It’s not enough to just say “hey, you’re hot – let’s do it,” as many a frat guy typically do. There needs to be some romance!! That’s why bowerbirds have an elaborate courtship ritual in which the male builds intricate stick structures called bowers which it decorates with a multitude of beautiful objects. These can include berries, nuts, shells, flowers, and even ballpoint pens and drinking straws! Really anything bright, shiny, or colorful that catches the bowerbird’s attention could be collected. The bowers aren’t nests for the two birds though, its a bachelor pad that males use to seduce females. Females make their mate selection in three stages:
1. first they visit the nest structure when the males are absent to ya know, get a lay of the land.
2. next they visit when the males are there to get a good first impression.
3. finally, females visit to a selection of bowers & choose a male to get down and dirty with.

I really do like the idea of a man decorating his entire house in an effort to impress me. Then again, I wouldn’t be interested in someone who is that obsessed with looks. I really go for the humor – particularly sarcasm. It just tickles my fancy. What’s your favorite quality in a guy?

Cool BBC bowerbird clip:

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