Japanese flying squirrelimage source: omgthatscute.com

image source: search.japantimes.co.jp

image source: search.japantimes.co.jp

image source: thatcutesite.com

 Via: iheartmomonga

Japanese flying squirrelimage source: momonga.org
Habitat: Japan
Status: Least Concern 

I was an avid pokemon collector back in the dizzay. You name a holograph, I had it. Charizard? Got it. Snorlax? Got it. Bulbasaur? Uh.. DUH GOT IT. However, I never got this little fella who definitely resembles a Pikachu.

I first read about the Momonga or Japanese Flying Squirrel from one of my favorite sites Cuteoverload and I knew as soon as I saw those furry faces I just had to write a post on them. Yes, you can thank me later.

Momongas are nocturnal flying squirrels that during the day rest in holes in trees to display their epic cuteness. At night they “fly” around using their special gliding membranes attached to their arms. Glides of 160 metres have been recorded. Fly my way Momonga!!!

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