whitespotted boxfishimage credit: web.marinenet.co.jp
whitespotted boxfishimage credit: divematrix.com

whitespotted boxfishimage credit: fotoritim.com

whitespotted boxfishimage credit: divemecressi
Habitat: Indo-Pacific
Status: No conservation concerns

Male Whitespotted Boxfish have all the fun in their ocean world. First of all, they are extremely beautiful to look at with their blue bodies dotted with orange spots and black cap which is adorned with white spots. The females, in comparison, are only blackish brown densely covered in white spots – how boring!

Secondly, boxfish live in small haremic groups – with one male to several females. The male Whitespotted Boxfish:

initiates courtship by circling and nudging one of his females. If she responds, the two swim side by side for a time before rising 6 ft. or more above the bottom, the male leading. Assuming a side-by-side position with tails together and heads facing slightly apart, they release their gametes while one or both make a low pitched humming sound lasting about 6 seconds. When done they dash back to the bottom where the male begins courting another female.” (link)

So the guy is beautiful, charming, and gets crazy amounts of girls. Not a bad life if you’re a Whitespotted Boxfish!