A babay!
Habitat: northwest Madagascar
Status: No Conservation Concerns
These radical geckos have the life. They bask all day in the hot Madagascan sun – but only on yellow bamboo canes – because apparently nothing else meets a Yellow-headed Day Gecko’s (Phelsuma klemmeri) standards for sunbathing.  They also use them for protection and crawl inside to get away from nasty predators. But when you only grow to about 4 inches long, I would expect that finding suitable hiding spaces isn’t that tough of a job. And yes, I know this, because I’m only 5′ 1″ and even I can find lots of hiding spaces (5 year old sister, lots of hide-and-seek, you get it.) so they can definitely figure it out. 
Oh ya, and they feast on nectar and insects all day. Which sounds like a fabulous meal. If I were a gecko of course…