Habitat: Australia
Status: Not Listed

This is an absolutely beautiful butterfly, don’t you think? Females have more of a purple hue to them than the males do and are also slightly larger, with a wingspan of 6 cm compared to the male’s 4 cm. They’re called Rare Redeye Flats (Chaetocneme denitza) or Ornate Dusk-flats. They get their common name from the fact that they do, indeed, have big red eyes:

Those eyes are a little… evil-looking. Something about red just screams demonic to me. But this butterfly is as sweet as can be and is really beautiful, so there’s nothing to worry about… right?

WRONG! You have to contend with the juvenile form of this beast before you can get to the gorgeous adult. And it just so happens that the caterpillar looks JUST LIKE A HUMAN THUMB!

It even looks like it has a freaking FINGERNAIL on the right side!!! Holy hell. Can’t you just imagine this thing slinking up a leaf, pulling itself towards you like a detached digit of mayhem… what a gross evil-zombie-finger-caterpillar-thing. Thank God it’s only in this grotesque stage of life for a little while before transforming into the beautiful butterfly. Thank. GOD!