Lirometopum coronatum, pitbull katydid (1)

photo: Kenji Nishida


Lirometopum coronatum, pitbull katydid (2)

photo: Kenji Nishida

Habitat: Costa Rica
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This curious little chap is called the Pitbull Katydid (Lirometopum coronatum). It’s a nocturnal, carnivorous katydid that stalks the jungles of Costa Rica. While I’m aware pitbulls do have a soft side, that’s not exactly the case with the Pitbull Katydid. These ferocious hunters will attack, kill, and eat just about any insect that crosses its path. I know, I know, giving pitbulls yet another bad rap. I apologize, I wasn’t the one who named it!

Males range in size from 41 mm to 47 mm and females from 46 mm to 55 mm with males having the showier facial coloration. I couldn’t exactly find a reason for the red spotting, but I’m assuming it has something to do with attracting a mate. Don’t quote me on that, though. I mean, I personally can’t imagine being attracted to coloration that mimics acne marks strewn across one’s face… but hey, maybe lady Pitbull Katydids beg to differ.