The best kind of sharing is when both of you gain from it, the classic win-win situation.

We have that relationship with houseplants. They recycle carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, we keep them fed and watered. These kinds of interactions exist all around us in nature and are called mutualistic symbiotic relationships.

Since life is all about sharing for us at the moment, we’ve picked a few our favourites for you. [Find exclusive sharing videos, images and stories at the BBC Facebook page, where you can also enter competitions to win DVDs and see your photos on our Life Is website.]

You’ve heard of the tortoise and the hare, well what about the turtle and the tangs? Watch this lucky green turtle get a quick clean up from a shoal of fish. This turtle seems very relaxed and happy underwater, but in situations of high stress his ability to hold his breath will worsen.

What about this for an odd couple? Warthogs and mongooses like to help each other out and the warthogs even manage it in their sleep!

The mongoose is also one of the few animals that prey on snakes, thanks to its agility and resistance to venom.

Just like most of us, these jellyfish love the sun. That’s because their energy comes from photosynthetic algae that lives in their bells. Their days are spent staying in the sun, not a bad life!