First off:

Get pumped everyone because in honor of the best holiday of the year, Halloween, I’m declaring this:

Freaky Featured Creature Week!

What that means is, starting tomorrow until Halloween, every animal I’ll be posting about is either scary, ugly, or a combination of the two – scary ugly (my personal favorite).

So get ready to meet some pretty bizarre critters, they’re just dying to meet you I’m sure.

scary baby panda


I’m very excited and extremely proud to announce that The Featured Creature™ will be collaborating with BBC Earth to bring you some of the best, and most exclusive creature content on the web. We will be sent images, videos, and stories before they are posted anywhere else so get ready for some really great stuff coming soon.

Here’s a taste of the video content for your viewing pleasure. I’ve already posted on the Kakapo, an incredibly rare, flightless bird but here’s some extra info that even I wasn’t aware of:

(From BBC:) “During mating seasons the males make a loud series of ‘boom’ sounds to attract the
female that can be heard over half a mile away on a quiet night.

But the kakapo only breeds in years where their favourite food, the fruit of the Rimu
tree, is plentiful. This often only happens every three to five years.

Amazingly the female can alter the sex of its offspring, producing more males when
food is scarce and competition high by eating more proteins.”

Be sure to check out BBC’s Life Is website for more great videos and images (plus it’s just a really cool site!) and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook.