giraffe weevilimage credit: Axel Strauß 

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giraffe weevilimage credit: Hesperia2007
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Habitat: Madagascar
Status: No conservation concerns

The giraffe necked weevil is a funny bug that is easily distinguishable by its obviously long neck. I’m sure back in its evolutionary history this poor fellow was made fun of by all the other bugs.The giraffe weevil is sexually dimorphic, meaning the neck of the male is 2 to 3 times longer than the female’s. The extended neck is used to aid the male in nest building. When it comes time to breed the weevil dad-to be rolls a leaf up and then has the female lay a single egg in it.

I can’t decide if the Giraffe Weevil really resembles a giraffe or actually looks more like a spider leg that snapped off and decided to wander around on its own. Just sayin’….

giraffe weevil stuffed animalimage credit: weirdbugladyOh and here’s a fabulous stocking stuffer for the kids!! Who wouldn’t want this thing peakin’ out behind the tree?