© Mark Moffett/Minden Pictures/Solent
 image credit: bio.georgiasouthern.edu
Habitat:New Zealand

If you hate insects, I apologize ahead of time. This thing is sure to give you nightmares. But for all teh insane animal lovers out there like me – here’s a really weird but amazing insect (who happens to like eating carrots) called the Giant Weta (Deinacrida fallai).

Found only on the islands of New Zealand as locals have chosen to exterminate most on the mainland, the Giant Weta’s genus name, Deinacrida, is actually Greek for terrible grasshopper. That’s a little harsh, I’m thinking. They’re just big boned (or exoskeleton-ed, I should say)!

Adults can measure up to 10 cm long and the heaviest recorded Giant Weta weighed more than a sparrow with a mass of 2.5 oz!! Yes, this is in fact the biggest insect in the world.

All hail the Giant Weta!!!!!