Panama Spotted Night Snake (Siphlophis cervinus) 
Siphlophis cervinus 
Habitat: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, French Guiana, Peru  
Status:Not Listed

You’re looking at a very rare snake – the Painted Night-Liana (Siphlophis cervinus) – that is only found in South America. There really isn’t much information on this snake except that it’s a colubrid (from Latin coluber, snake); a snake that is a member of the family Colubridae. It is a broad classification of snakes that includes about two thirds of all snake species on earth. Colubrid species are found on every continent, except Antarctica.

While most colubrids are non-venomous (or have venom that isn’t known to be harmful to humans) and are normally harmless, a few groups can produce medically significant bites. Not sure if this is one of them though….