Habitat: Australia; Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia
Status: Not Evaluated

It might look like a worm but this is actually a snake! It’s the Long-beaked Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops grypus) which to me is oddly cute. It only reaches about 45 cm in length, though it averages around 35 cm.

They’re found in both arid and semi-arid parts, as well as forested areas, of Australia. They’re normally associated with termite mounds since they like to feast on termites and their eggs. You have a good chance of spotting them around the mounds or under rotting logs and leaf litter, where termites might be found.

Not much is really known about this rarely seen species but scientists suspect that they do lay eggs. I would LOVE to see a little Long-beaked Blind Snake egg… it might be SO tiny and therefore extremely cute.