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Habitat: only on the Wolf volcano on the island of Isabela, Galápagos

I always love it when I see an animal that is different from the “normal” color it should be (Hence my posts on a blue earthworm, tomato frogs, and a Brown and white Panda). It always makes me go “wow, that’s so cool” and I really love it when I get to say that. I do.

From the National Geographic website:

“A new species of Galápagos iguana has scientists tickled pink.

The pink iguana, named after its salmon-colored skin, lives only on the Wolf volcano on the island of Isabela.

Charles Darwin did not visit the volcano on his travels to the Ecuadorian island chains in the 1830s, so the creature remained undiscovered until 1986, when it was spotted by park rangers. Only now has it been recognized as its own species.”

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“Got meself a pink one here!”