image credit: Stefano Unterthiner
northeast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi (Celebes)

First, would you look at that hairdo? Gotta love a monkey with a spiked ‘do. And those eyes, maybe it’s me but orange eyes are quite intriguing. Their alluring stares & poses in those Stefano Unterthiner photos are just too much. Now, those are just some of the très sexy qualities of the male Crested Macaque.

Get ready for the ultimate sex symbol status with the female:

image credit:
Tricia, this one’s for you.

DAMN!!!!! Baby got back am I right??!

The females, as you can probably already assume, are famous for their ability to clearly indicate their sexual receptivity to the males with their HUGE ASSES. Beautiful to male Celebes Crested Macaques but just plain bizarre to me; and also a little bit scary. Who would ever want to get it on with that?

Make sure to click on the pics to enlarge – you don’t want to miss an up-close-and-personal with these shots.