AFP PHOTO /Hendrik Freitag/Senckenberg Museum of Zoology

Four new brilliantly-colored species of freshwater crab, bright purple in color, have been found in the biologically diverse Philippines, according to a scientific paper.

“Based on available new material, a total of five species are recognised… four of which are new to science,” Freitag said.

The biggest, Insulamon magnum, is just 53 millimetres by 41.8 millimetres while the smallest, Insulamon porculum, measures 33.1 by 25.1 millimetres.

The two other new species were Insulamon palawense and Insulamon johannchristiani.

AFP PHOTO /Hendrik Freitag/Senckenberg Museum of Zoology
The particular violet coloration might just have evolved by chance, and must not necessarily have a very specific function or reason aside from being a general visual signal for recognition,” said Henrik Freitag, the author of the study from the Senckenberg Museum of Zoology in Dresden, Germany.
Freitag adds that the crab’s purple color may also have evolved so other species of crustaceans could recognize its brethren. The only other known species in the same genus was identified in 1992.
How incredible are these purple crabs? Totally psychadelic-looking!