Habitat: temperate Europe and Asia
Status: Least Concern
This hipster bird is the Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus) is a small bird that likes to hang out in large reed beds by lakes and swamps. Flocks will let it be known that they’re active in the reed bed by making their characteristic “ping” call to one another. You can identify a male vs a female by the sexy fu manchu mustache that only the male rocks. Females are dull brown, as per usual with most bird species. 
To cope with the changing availability of food sources in different seasons, the Bearded Reedling’s digestive system will actually change to support two different types of diets: it will eat aphids in the summer and reed seeds in the winter.  You can bet these guys can’t wait for warmer weather because really, doesn’t a nice juicy aphid sound better than a stale old seed?