Habitat: South Pacific basin, from Australia to the Society Islands.
Status: No Conservation Concerns

With a wingspan of only 30mm in length, you’d think it would be hard to impose your judgement on someone. However, the moth Grammodes oculicola¬†is able to achieve a new level of judginess with its too-real-for-comfort eyespots. Of course, the whole point of having eyespots is to frighten the predator away, so this moth has certainly done its job. One look at those wings and I’d hightail it out of there for sure!

I wonder if they follow you as you move… you know, like that optical illusion trick used in sketchy paintings hanging in the walls of haunted mansions. Yeah, no thanks.

I just wonder what it has to be so judgy about, ya know? Like you can be scary, that’s fine – I get it. Gotta scare the bats away and whatnot. But do you have to judge me on how long I take to get ready in the morning? I just want to look super fresh, OKAY?! *runs off crying*

Judgmental months, not even once.


Oh, and if you’re looking for a great field guide to moths of Australia, I highly recommend this one: A Guide to Australian Moths.