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Habitat: subtropical and temperate oceans
Status: No Conservation Concerns
Yes, this is a full grown maneater shark called the Pygmy Shark (Euprotomicrus bispinatu). It’s the second smallest species of shark in the world (not telling you what’s the 1st because that will ruin all the fun for a future post :P) reaching lengths of only 8 to 10 inches. That’s it!
These itsy-bitsy sharks feed on squid, crustaceans, and even some species of bony fish. They will follow their prey to depths of 6000 ft or more at night and then return to shallower waters during the day. What’s cool about these guys is that their belly is bioluminescent, meaning this shark GLOWS IN THE DARK ! The soft blue glow provides camouflage from predators in the form of countershading and it might even attract unknowing prey right into its jaws.
Now you can tell all your friends that there’s a shark out there that’s actually cute and won’t eat your legs! Yay!