humphead glassfish, Parambassis pulcinella (2)

photo: Flickr user leksyka

humphead glassfish, Parambassis pulcinella (4)


Habitat: Asia: Myanmar; probably also in the headwaters of the same basin in Thailand
Status: Data Deficient

The Humphead Glassfish (Parambassis pulcinella) is a relatively new species to science, only formally described in 2003. Now that we know it exists, it’s quite hard to miss! Both males and females have the characteristic ‘humps’ on their heads, though those of the males are slightly larger. They’re semi-transparent (as the ‘glass’ in the name suggests) but do have a wonderful golden sheen that first catches your eye. The fish reach an average length of about 4 inches.

The Humphead Glassfish can be found in fast-flowing streams and rivers hanging out around rocks and crevices where they take the opportunity to catch critters passing by in the current.

There’s something about this fish that I’m just slightly obsessed with. I’m thinking it has something to do with dat hump. Fish got back head yo. If fish were into making rap videos I could totally see a school of these guys bustin’ moves in the background. I’m surprised that movie with Will Smith playing that fish… er, Shark Tale… didn’t utilize these fellas! And that movie came out in 2004 meaning these fish would have been in the headlines! They really missed the boat on that one, huh?