Habitat: South Eastern Pakistan & India
Status: Least Concern

Sigh. These baby Carrot-tail Viper Geckos (Hemidactylus imbricatus) have got to be the cutest reptiles on the planet. When they hatch, these little cuties are only 2.5 cm long. Even the adults don’t grow to more than 3.5 inches! They get their name from the fact that their bulbous tails – which they use to store excess fat just in case of an emergency – resemble the shape of a plump carrot. I think this is the proper time for you all to take a good hard look at these geckos when they first hatch:

carrot-tail viper gecko (4)

photo: knotty

LOOK AT IT. JUST LOOK AT IT. Who says the only cute baby animals have to be covered in fur? I’m literally dying over here. Female Carrot-tail Viper Geckos will lay two eggs in a clutch and can easily lay between fifteen to twenty clutches during the breeding season. You know what that means… there’s no shortage of these itty-bitty geckos! THANK YOU GOD.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the white gecko in the 2nd photo is a blizzard morph of a leopard gecko who is sporting the baby carrot-tail viper gecko as a reptilian toupee.

carrot-tail viper gecko (5)

photo: knotty