© Carsten Anderssohn 2006
Habitat: South-east Asia including India, Thailand, and the Philippines
Status: No Conservation Concerns

Did anyone ever watch The Land Before Time with those annoyingly thoughtful dinosaurs? I used to always want to eat one of those tree stars that Little Foot munched on. He always talked about them like they were freaking caviar or something. For some reason this Rose Myrtle Lappet Moth (Trabala vishnou) reminds me of one of those supposedly delicious leaves:
Not to say that I’m going to be taking a bite out of one anytime soon, but they definitely appealed to me for that reason.  They’re also quite spectacular as caterpillars; the colors on these babies are pretty intense with bright yellows, blues, and a big red head to top it all off. Plus they’re super hairy which always adds a little spice to an otherwise boring caterpillar. Don’t ever touch one if you happen to find one, though. Those hairs are packed with a toxin that stings as well as itches. However, it should be noted that some people are immune so if you’re feeling lucky then go ahead and give it a little tickle.
© Norbert Böttger
© Norbert Böttger