Habitat: Indonesia, Lembeh Strait
Status: Not Listed

Little Green Shrimp (Phycocaris sp.) are the teeniest, tiniest shrimp you’re going to see all day. They’re also the cutest, being only as big as a grain of rice (and sometimes smaller)!! I’ve seen photos of ones that are only 3mm in length all the way up to 5mm – that one was a big boy 😉

This itty-bitty shrimp was just recently discovered in 2011 and is still formally unnamed. They are an incredibly hot species to spot right now; divers in the Lembeh are constantly on the lookout for the minute crustaceans! Apparently you can spot them if you really know where to look. They can be found hanging out on Ascidian Clusters in between the little green-white ascidians that look like olives, between 10 and 20 meters down. (source)

To really get a sense of just how adorable this little shrimp guy is, have a look at the following videos. You can see the radial hairs sprouting from around the shrimp’s eyes and its pink little leggies. So. CUTE! Oh, and I suggest watching it in HD fullsize to get the best experience 🙂


Little Green Shrimp – 1st pair seen in Lembeh from liquidguru on Vimeo.