Habitat: Indo-Pacific Ocean
Status: No Conservation Concerns
Commonly known as the Fiji Star (Asterina anomala), these are the freaking cutest starfish on the entire planet. They are generally dime sized or even smaller, being able to fit on the tip of your finger when fully grown! Little babays; so sweet! 
That being said, they are also major pains in the necks for aquarists who discover these tiny hitchhikers stuck to the side of their tank. They can hide in live coral brought in and make themselves right at home. Here’s the problem though: Fiji Stars are hungry little devils and will devour coralline algae and some corals; specifically acropora, xenia, green star polyps, zoanthids, and several types of soft leather corals. Oh, and they multiply like bunnies. You can have one in your tank and then a few days later… BAM! Mini starving star overload. So, if you ever happen to find one of these little rascals in your tank your best bet is to remove it as soon as possible. Unless of course you prefer a barren aquarium.