Habitat: French Guiana
Status: Not Listed

This species of snail, Cyclopedus anselini, was only discovered a couple of years ago in 2012 during an expedition in French Guiana. It’s scientific name was given based on the Greek, “cyclo-” or circle, which refers to the perfect spire of the shell and is related tothe names of other genera in this super-family, “-pedus” or child, which refers to the small size of the shell.

It is now known as the smallest cyclophoroid in the western hemisphere, only coming in at around 3.5 mm in height and less than 4.2 mm in diameter. However, I think this discovery might be more exciting than we ever could have imagined…
does that snail shell look familiar to you at all?

Yep. That just happened.

Gargominy, O. & Muratov, I., 2012. New taxa of land snails from French Guiana. – Zoosystema 34: 783-792.