snub nosed monkey(golden snub nose)
image credit: suneko, via Flickr

snub nosed monkeyimage credit: floridapfe, via Flickr

snub nosed monkeyimage credit: Chi Liu, via Flickr

snub nosed monkey(gray snub nose)
image credit:
Habitat: China
Status: Endangered

Just look at that face. LOOK AT IT… if you even can. Seriously, the Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (there are 3 subspecies, including the Gray Snub-nosed glaring at you above) is one of the scariest creatures I’ve ever seen. I think it’s due to its stump of a nose and vertically set nostrils that give it a terrifying Michael Jackson-esque appearance (too soon?)

To make matters worse, not only would you have to contend with seeing one of these in the wild, but you’d have to witness over 600 of these blank-staring, messed up nostril creatures together at once – that’s how many live together on a typical basis.

What would YOU do if you were faced with 600 of these freaky monkeys?! I’d probably run for my life and never look back. Ever.