Ranitomeya yavaricolimage credit: isfjol.se

Ranitomeya yavaricolimage credit: dendrobates.org

Ranitomeya yavaricolimage credit: herpireland.com

Habitat: Peru

Status: Data Deficient

Have you guys seen the movie 300? Bomb movie. The special effects/cinematography I thought was amazing. Now I’m pleased to introduce you to the Prince of Persia, Xerxes’ doppelgänger (look-alike) in frog form – Ranitomeya yavaricol.

I really don’t know if you can see the resemblance but to me they are the spitting images of each other… I think it has something to do with the bronze legs… in fact, yes, that’s the only reason why I think they look alike. Oh well. Still a good enough reason for me!

“I am not a frog!!!”