velvet on six legs
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red and white velvet mite
red velvet mite
Red Velvet Mite
Habitat: northern parts of India
Status: No conservation concerns

Bir Bahuti, Birbaboti, Scarlet Fly, Lady Fly, Velvet Buchi, Rani Keeda (Hindi/Urdu: Queen Mite). Whatever name you want to use for the Velvet Mite (Trombidium grandissimum) works for me! 
These fluffy arachnids are often mistaken for spiders, but make no mistake – they are much more than that. The mites come out in large numbers during Monsoon season in the Indian subcontinent (as if that time of year probably doesn’t suck enough, right?) and are used for a multitude of purposes in the area. 
For example, Velvet Mites are used in traditional Indian medicine in two ways. The oil from the Bir Bahuti is useful in initializing paralysis in humans and, the mite has the alleged ability to increase sexual desire – that’s why Trombidium is named as ‘Indian Viagra.’

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red velvet mite
Creepy Crawly with Bokeh ~ HBW 
India. Red Velvet.. 
Velvet mite (Entrombidium rostratus)