I wanted to introduce you guys to a fun new website called King of the Web. They’re currently having a little competition I thought you might be interested in. Check out the info below:

By King of the Web, Casey Selleck

The Lion is the King of the Jungle, but what creature will be the King of the Web? King of the Web hosts a monthly competition to find the web’s Animal King. And guess what? It’s you who chooses the king! Anyone (or animal) can compete or vote in this competition.

Is it a viral video where a cat falls into a box, a puppy who can’t stay awake, a gorilla that walks on two feet, or a giraffe roundhouse kicking a rhino Chuck Norris style? Or maybe it’s your own furry friend; we know you have a million awesome pictures and videos to share of your loved one!

The winning animal earns the title of Animal King (suck it lions!) and a $450 gift card to Nipandbones.com. So if that cat/dog/gorilla/karate giraffe is a part of your family that lovely
creature will be paying for its own food! If you have any children, please feel free to rub that in their adorable faces.

Who will be Animal King?