Habitat: South America, Trinidad, and Central America
Status: Least Concern
Nestled under a South American palm leaf you might just be lucky enough to find this rare white bat, the Northern Ghost Bat (Diclidurus albus), or Jumby Bat as it is otherwise known. I get the whole ‘ghost’ name but for some reason Jumby Bat has a nicer ring to it. Little Jummmmbbbyyyybooooo. 
I say you might find one alone under a palm leaf because although these bats would prefer to nest in large colonies, it’s very difficult to find the required cave space or rock crevices in their habitat to do so. Therefore, the jumbies (as I have since dubbed them) currently only roost in small groups at best. It’s very unusual to find a colony of more than 100 bats in one location. So as a I said before, keep an eye out for these cuties under palm leafs, as they’ve taken to roosting alone under its shade.