I have an announcement to make! I really want to try something new here… how does a
Weekly Photography Competition sound? Here’s how things will work:

  • Email me your best picture each week of any animal you’ve had the privilege of photographing. The only exception is NO cats or dogs.**
  • I will select the best photos I receive and these will enter the voting round where YOU (the readers) will get a chance to vote on your favorite picture
  • The photo with the most votes wins! The winner will get their picture displayed at the top of the site for a week and their own post dedicated to the photo. Oh AND a major ego boost knowing your photo is the best of the best! 🙂
  • Submit your photos up until this Monday, December 20th – that’s when voting BEGINS!

So, Email Me your photo, name, age (if you want), where you’re from, and a short caption for the photo so we can start a collection of reader submitted photos from around the world! Oh and by no means do you have to be a “professional” photographer to enter your pictures. My 18 year old sister can take a mean photo without any training at all!

Good luck to everyone – let’s make this first competition the best!

Here are some great examples of photos that reader Paul sent in to get your competitive spirit goin’: