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Bestselling author and photographer Traer Scott captures the magic and wonder of a young animal’s first weeks of life in this heartwarming collection of photographs. Featuring portraits of more than 30 baby animals, Wild Babies provides a glimpse into the rarely seen world of newborn creatures. From rambunctious little kangaroos and fluffy fox cubs to a wide-eyed elephant seal pup and a tiny painted turtle, these playful images are paired with engaging text that highlights the remarkable moments in wild infants’ first days as they learn to eat, walk, swim, and fly.

Animal lovers will delight in these close-up shots and fun trivia celebrating the unique personalities of irresistibly cute creatures navigating their way out into the world for the very first time.

Now, it’s not out ’til August 2nd. We’ll run this contest from today (7/25) through Friday the 29th, and then announce the winner at noon PT on August 1st!

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