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Habitat: coastal waters off Australia

Spanner crabs don’t have it easy. My friend over UglyOverload already noticed this poor guy and I feel it’s time for him to get some more time in the spotlight. I mean obviously all animals have to deal with predators, habitat destruction and so forth, but this guy I really feel bad for. Let me tell you why:

1. When I went to find images of the Spanner crab google supplied me with around 60 pictures of the actual crab. The other million+ images were pictures of food where the poor Spanner crab was the main ingredient. That must be so depressing for the crab, to try and google pictures of himself only to find his family massacred and placed into flaky pastries and stews.

“Mom…is that you?”

2. My next reason for taking pity on the spanner crab comes from the fact that unlike most crabs that walk in a sideways motion Spanner crabs move normally – forward and backward. I can only imagine how much a spanner crab in middle school might have been teased. Those adolescent crustaceans can be brutal you know?

3. Lastly, if you take a look at the last picture I posted you can probably tell why I am so concerned for the Spanner crab. That man does not look all there. He’s waaayyy too happy to be surrounded by spanner crabs. In fact, why is he even surrounded by them at all? Spanner crab fetish perhaps…? Weird. Just weird. Oh and a bit bizarre as well.

What are your thoughts on that guy?
Up to no good?

Oh and a big THANK YOU to Justin over at UglyOverload for writing about the Featured Creature! Be sure to check it out!