pilot whale smiling
happy pilot whale

happy pilot whaleimage credit: RORY MOORE / BARCROFT MEDIA
temperate and tropical waters of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

As happy and cute as this pilot whale looks, don’t be fooled! The photographer, Rory Moore, explains that even with its big, cartoonish grin, these 20-ft long predators can become quite aggressive. Sigh. Bummer.

Rory said that, “Some of the whales came up to the camera and started to blow bubbles and ‘bark’ loudly. It was an amazing thing to witness but it was actually a clear sign to keep our distance.”

He says that there are horror stories about divers being drowned after having their arm grabbed and dragged into the deep. Eek!

Suddenly that “happy” grin doesn’t seem so innocent anymore…