Poor Lucy is an American Staffordshire Terrier that has suffered tremendous hardships at the hands of some terrible people. She was found wandering the streets of Colombia, starving and alone, severely malnourished and with a broken nose and jaw.

Lucy had been repeatedly used as a breeding dog and then tossed out onto the streets like garbage. Luckily, some kind person in Colombia picked her up and took into their home, where she stayed and regained her strength. When a volunteer at Stray from the Heart in New York heard about Lucy’s plight the woman arranged for her to fly to New York where she has been under the care of the rescue ever since.

Lucy’s facial bones never healed properly from all the abuse she suffered. However, a specialist assures us that she is in no pain. She can eat perfectly fine and actually has quite the appetite. As Lucy was not suffering, Stray from the Heart decided against putting her through the extensive surgery, which would basically have been cosmetic. Personally, I think she’s beautiful just the way she is. Her face reminds us what a strong animal she is and how she never gave up.

Lucy has been anxiously awaiting a forever home for over a year now and I really feel like this dog deserves way better. Even after all she’s been through, Lucy is a kind and loving dog that enjoys being around other smaller dogs.

Stray from the Heart will adopt Lucy out to a home on the East Coast of the United States (she’s only available to homes in CT, NY, NJ, MA, or PA) and to a home where she’s the one and only or with small dogs. Please everyone, if you know someone who would be willing to adopt this sweet girl, get in contact with Stray from the Heart ASAP! You can contact them at: [email protected] or call them at 212.726.DOGS 

Let’s show this lady what good humans can really act like.