Habitat: Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama
Status: Least Concern 

Twinkling in the dimmest of places within the tropical jungles of South America is the Fringe-limbed Tree Frog (Cochranella euknemos). Its name euknemos derives from Greek and means “with beautiful legs,” which refers to the frog’s fringed hind limbs. 

Of course the frog doesn’t actually sparkle, but it sure does look like it could at any moment. Maybe if you wish upon one? Maybe… just maybe…  

edit: I just had to add these photos. Forgot to mention before that this is a species of Glass Frog, meaning you can look right through it to see all its insides! Check out these amazing photos: 

Hmm, let’s get even a little closer so that you can really make out the intestines (white) and heart (green spot):

If possible this frog just got 20x cooler than before. I think these new photos were worth the update, don’t you?