Calling all amphibian art fans!! Artist Weston Brownlee of Eternal Sun Studios who brought us the incredible sculpture for our past contest “All But Lost” has created a new piece that will be sold exclusively on The Featured Creature. It’s entitled “Fat and Happy” because, well, this Pacman frog sitting on a bronze sphere is just that!

Here’s what Weston has to say about the piece:

“Fat and Happy”
Open Edition
Patina by Weston

“Weston’s smallest sculpture to date, “Fat and Happy” showcases an Ornate Horned Frog, more commonly known as a Pacman frog. ¬†Very popular in the pet industry, there is almost limitless diversity in their coloration. ¬†While sculpted here as a juvenile, Pacmans can grow tremendously obese and have the reputation of being quite voracious and indiscriminate eaters.The smallest of Weston’s bronze sculptures to date, he enjoys offering work that caters to the budget of any art collector.”

If you’re interested in buying one of these cool, handmade sculptures they are being sold for $85 + $5.80 shipping to anywhere in the U.S. International requests, please contact Weston at [email protected] to figure out shipping costs based on your location. Weston has also said that if the buyer wishes to have a different color on the frog, that’s completely negotiable and to email him!

I’ll have the ad up on the right side of The Featured Creature with a ‘Buy Now’ link that will take you to a Paypal checkout page. I own a piece of Weston’s and I can vouch that his work is incredibly detailed and beautiful; really well worth the money! And who wouldn’t want this guy chillin’ in your house?