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tokay geckoimage credit: Thor Hakonsen

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image credit: Andrew Zuckerman,
Habitat: Northeast India & Bangladesh throughout Southern Asia
Status: No conservation concerns

The Tokay Gecko is a pretty little thang that actually isn’t so little – it’s the second largest gecko species with males reaching lengths of up to 15 inches and weighing up to 10 oz.

They may appear friendly with their large, inviting smiles but Tokay Geckos are actually known as the “pitbulls” of the gecko world. When they bite, they are rather unwilling to let go and will usually stay latched on for more than an hour! It’s incredibly hard to get them to let go but there are a couple of tricks that won’t harm the creature: One way is to briefly submerge the gecko in water to settle it down. Another more interesting method is to place a drop of vinegar on the animal’s nose. That should usually get the job done!

Tokay Geckos are solitary and only encounter each other during mating season. Males are extremely territorial and will viciously attack other Tokays as well as any other creature that strays into its domain.

Make sure that if you ever plan on keeping a Tokay Gecko as a pet that you are extremely experienced in reptile care & that you are COMMITTED to owning one – these guys can live up to 18 years in captivity (normally 7-10 in their natural environments).