namaqua rain frog, Breviceps namaquensis (1)

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namaqua rain frog, Breviceps namaquensis (4)

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Habitat: South Africa and possibly Namibia
Status: Least Concern

As I write this post I’m almost too excited to form words. This has got to be one of the cutest frogs I’ve ever seen. EVER. It might even beat the turtle frog (gasp!). This is the Namaqua Rain Frog (Breviceps namaquensis), a squat, rotund creature that spends most of its time underground. It only surfaces after a good rain to find some yummy insects to snack on.

Now, you may be wondering just why I’m so freaking amped up over here. That’s because of this video, which shows the Namaqua Rain Frog in defensive mode. You see, when it feels threatened, the frog will puff itself up to appear larger (and more frightening) and then let out a loud battle cry… er, so to speak. Here, take a look and prepare to go nuts:

Like… is this real life? Is that not the cutest creature you’ve ever seen??! Next time I go to South Africa (I won’t be holding my breathe…) I’m definitely going on an epic quest to find this guy. Oh… oh it’s on, alright.